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Affected Counties (AULG)

The Nuclear Waste Policy Act as amended (NWPA), designated the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada as the only site to be considered for a geologic repository for disposal of spent fuel and high-level nuclear waste. The NWPA also provided for the Affected Units of Local Government (AULG) within the vicinity of Yucca Mountain to oversee and participate in the Yucca Mountain Project. By affording AULG participation rights, Congress sought to increase public confidence in the scientific integrity of the repository program, provide citizens the means to interact with the federal government, and demonstrate a commitment to external oversight.

The following is a list of Counties with "Affected" Status - Affected Units of Local Government (AULG) and links to their Nuclear Waste Oversight websites.

Affected Units of Local Government

Churchill County Nuclear Waste Oversight

Their web site informs the public about issues relating to the potential nuclear waste site planned at Yucca Mountain. The Yucca Mountain site is located in Nye County, Nevada, approximately 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1978, the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM) began studying Yucca Mountain. In the past 20 years OCRWM has conducted scientific and engineering investigations at the site to determine its suitability as a nuclear waste repository.

Fallon Court HouseChurchill County Courthouse

Clark County Nuclear Waste Program of Comprehensive Planning

The Nuclear Waste program of Comprehensive Planning was created in 1988 to provide program oversight, impact assessment studies and provide public outreach regarding the proposed high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. The Federal funds received for the program prohibits Clark County from participating in lobbying, litigation and coalition efforts.

Clark County Courthouse

Clark County, Nevada Courthouse

Esmeralda County Repository Oversight Program

Esmeralda County has been overseeing the site characterization of Yucca Mountain since 1988 even though Esmeralda County was not granted "affected" status by the U.S. Department of Energy until 1991 after successful joint petition with Inyo County, California, to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Esmeralda County Courthouse

Esmeralda County, Nevada Courthouse

Eureka County Nuclear Waste Office

As one of the designated Affected Units of Local Government, Eureka County maintains this web site to keep citizens informed about the decisions concerning the potential transportation and storage of nuclear waste that will affect their lives.

Eureka County courthouse

Eureka County, Nevada Courthouse

Inyo County Yucca Mountain Repository Assessment Office

Yucca Mountain is located in the drainage basin of the Amargosa River. The Amargosa River is a large drainage that in the extreme desert heat, only comes to the surface in a few places. The river surfaces around the Inyo County communities of Death Valley Junction, Shoshone, and Tecopa before reaching its terminus in Death Valley National Park near Badwater. Potential impacts caused by the siting of high-level nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain could affect the waters of this drainage and a lower carbonate aquifer that drains south from Yucca Mountain into the Amargosa Valley and west into Death Valley. Inyo County is actively involved in studying the characteristics of this lower carbonate aquifer, which is thought to come to the surface in many springs on the western edge of Death Valley.

Inyou County Courthouse/ Inyo County Courthouse in
Independence, Ca

Mineral County Nuclear Projects Office

Mineral County, Nevada's oversight program informs the county residents about the repository project, monitors the site characterization activities taking place at the proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Oversight Repository project and prepares the County to review and comment on documents, study plans and progress reports generated by the Department of Energy Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management and other entities who are involved in the processes at Yucca Mountain.

Mineral County courthouse
Mineral County Courthouse, Hawthorne, NV

Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office

The Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office (NWRPO) works to protect the interests of the citizens of Nye County in activities and negotiations related to the transport, disposal and storage of nuclear waste in and through the County. 

Nye County Courthouse
Tonopah, Nevada

Lander County Yucca Mountain Oversight Program

As one of the designated Affected Units of Local Government, Lander County maintains their web site to inform citizens about issues related to the proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository. This web site contains documents, photos, maps, and more about the history and current developments concerning the Yucca Mountain Repository program.

Lander County Courthouse
Lander County Courthouse

Lincoln County Yucca Mountain Oversight

Since 1988, when Lincoln County received status of Affected Unit of Local Government, the County's Joint City/County impact Alleviation Committee (JCCIAC) has commissioned a series of independent studies from respected researchers at technical consulting firms and institutions. These studies were designed to inform the resident of Lincoln County on the range of impacts that might be expected if the state of nevada designates a heavy-haul or legal weight truck reroute through Lincoln County, if the DOE builds a rival line between the City of Caliente and the Yucca Mountain repository and/or if the DOe sites a intermodal transfer facility near the City of Caliente.

Lincoln County courthouse

Lincoln County Courthouse

White Pine Nuclear Waste Project Office

The White Pine County Nuclear Waste Project Office monitors the Yucca Mountain Project activities, especially in regard to potential shipments of high-level radioactive waste through White Pine County and its communities.

U.S. Highway 93 passes directly through McGill and Ely in very close proximity to residences, businesses and schools. It is a primary route through White Pine County for tourists traveling to and from the Pacific Northwest. Although this route is not currently identified as an alternative for transporting high-level waste, it is used for transporting low-level waste to the Nevada Test Site, and there is concern that high-level waste could potentially be transported via this route.

White Pine courthouse

White Pine County Courthouse